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Rahmen + Co is a private label clothing line that uses sustainable fabrics like bamboo rayon, organic cotton and hemp for thier clothing. We use American sewing practices and believe you are what you wear and eat.  Clothing that is functional for play and casual work that is durable and soft. Based in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado, we test our products on atheletes and locals in the mountains at high altitudes. Fashion that is fun and practical!

You might expect a seamstress to daydream about becoming a fashion designer. But an accountant? “My creative juices were overflowing. I began to draw landscapes, model and take art classes. In 2009, I rethought my career and chose clothing design,” recalls Susan Rahmann, founder of Rahmen + Co. Her company creates fashions that are versatile and stylish and perfect for active people. She uses only environmentally sustainable materials, like fast-growing bamboo and hemp.
“Rahmen + Co is more than a name on a label. Years from now, I want to say that we helped the clothing industry be less abusive to people and animals. It’s a different mindset, a more sustainable mindset, and it’s a big part of our mission,” explains Rahmann.
Driving change is a tall order, but not for a driven woman. Rahmann embraces discipline, having grown up in a military family and living in Thailand and several large American cities before settling in an inspiring little mountain town in CO.
And about that name, “Rahmen.” It’s pronounced similarly to the founder’s surname, but means “frame” in German. It’s the ideal word to describe someone who has framed her own life—and inspires others to do the same.
Learn more at rahmenclothing.com. Follow Rahmen + Co on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram. 

A forward thinking company


  • Slips or Tank Dress

    Organic bamboo rayon and cotton make these summery dresses cool for casual wear or sleeping! Made in the USA.

  • Painted Sleep Slips

    Comfortable hand painted sleep slips made in America from 70% Bamboo rayon 25% Organic cotton 5% spandex. Great for sleeping and wearing out with a bra or under a cardigan.

  • Baby Onesies

    Hand dyed and stenciled baby onesies in sizes newborn up to 12 months.


A forward thinking company


Mountain Village, Colorado, United States